About Us

The Story Behind Hope For Trauma

Catherine Brubaker is a two-time brain injury survivor in which a violent assault nearly claimed her life and a subsequent vehicle accident left her with another head injury.

She re-learned how to walk and talk twice and in 2014 she rode her recumbent cycle 5390 miles across the United States to take back her life. As she began telling her story, others began telling her theirs and she realized she was not alone. It was during that journey she realized that people did not see her disability and were unaware of the challenges brain injury survivors and their families face. She found her voice on her journey and has become an advocate for brain injury awareness. She shares her inspirational story of hope around the country as a motivational and keynote speaker to help empower individuals with a powerful message of hope.

As a result of her journey, Catherine founded HopeForTrauma.org, an organization committed to advocating for a national conversation about brain injury and providing recumbent cycles and other adaptive equipment directly into the hands of brain injury survivors to that they may reclaim their freedom too.

A documentary will be released in 2015 to share her story of hope, her journey through recovery and transformation from experiencing extreme trauma to creating Hope For Trauma. The documentary is extremely compelling. The goal of her documentary is to propel the vision statement of Hope For Trauma into fruition.

The vision of Hope for Trauma to be an advocate in a national conversation about brain injury and the invisible challenges survivors and their families face everyday.

The mission of Hope for Trauma is to provide recumbent trikes and other innovative resources to support and improve the quality of life for brain injury survivors.

It’s time for a national conversation about brain injury. It’s time for community leaders, businesses and organizations to work together to change this culture to better understand the needs of survivors and caregivers with this invisible disability.