The Drive: On the brutality of American Football – Field Gulls

The Drive: On the brutality of American Football  Field Gulls

Photo by Logan Bowles/Getty Images We knew. We did know. I knew. I won’t deny it. But what I knew I only understood in an insensitive and abstract way. It was a fact of sorts—almost a factoid. American football players suffer brain damage from playing football. This fact hid in the domain of gallows humor. It might be mentioned on Freaks and Geeks or Daria. I bet Greg Ginn has written a lyric about the subject. It was a talking point in the debate between jocks and nerds, if such a debate exists outside of the pop culture. I don’t know. And I didn’t know, because how I knew was so shallow a…

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Deadwood: The Movie, At Long Last – Vulture

Deadwood: The Movie, At Long Last  Vulture

Timothy Olyphant and Ian McShane in Deadwood: The Movie.Photo: HBO Deadwood: The Movie is parting as sweet sorrow. It’s also a film about the necessity of saying good-bye, even when the initial parting occurred long ago, and was so abrupt that no one involved could make sense of it. For a full decade after powerbroker, saloon owner, and gangster pimp Al Swearengen (Ian McShane) was last seen scrubbing the blood of a woman he had to kill in order to save another woman’s life, there were rumors of a pair of movies, or another season, something that would help complete the story and leave fans…

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