Robert Herald


I was raised in a small farm town in Illinois. I went to college at the Milwaukee School of Engineering in Milwaukee where I met Joyce Shumaker at a coffee shop. After graduation I went to work for IBM in Rochester Minnesota and continued to visit Joyce who was completing her Bachelor’s degree at the University of Wisconsin in Madison.

We married and have two sons, Matthew and James. Matthew is a Psychiatrist near Milwaukee and James is a Walgreens drugstore manager in Colorado. After 28 years as an Electrical Engineer for IBM, I took early retirement and went to work for Hewlett-Packard as a database manager and a data analyst.

I worked for them for ten years and then retired. Joyce and I enjoy traveling and watching our two granddaughters, Asha, 7, and Noelle, 5, grow and learn. I am happy and excited that I met Catherine and Hope For Trauma. It has taken me out of the easy life of retirement and given me a challenge, a goal and a purpose.

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