Terry Aiken

As a global social changer and motivator of humans for more than 30 years, Terry Aiken develops, implements and evaluates life’s situations for organizations, communities and individuals. His passion is to help guide others towards living healthier, happier, more fulfilling lives: How can you make a difference today? What needs are we called to fill? Terry believes great things can be accomplished by average people that are moved by a passion to fulfill their purpose and provide something of value to others in both professional and personal life.

High Point College aka High Point University afforded him a quality education with a personal touch. He completed a B.A. in Human Relations and an American Humanics (non-profit management) Graduate Studies in 1986.

Terry is a connoisseur of classic movies, cooking and eating Italian foods with family and friends. Travelled to Germany, Australia, Canada, Italy, and cross-country through the United States has made this Brooklyn born and Yankees fan a renaissance man.

Life’s Quote: The joy is in the journey!

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