Recumbant and Recovery Presentation at the 2015 Aging In America Conference

Catherine Brubaker, MSL and Eddee Edson, MSD will be presenting at the 2015 Aging in America Conference.

This session will explore mobility options beyond the wheelchair and walker. Proven alternatives to existing assisting devices such as recumbent trikes, that contribute to staying fit and provide an increased sense of freedom, independence and overall sense of well-being will be shared.

1. Define documented research showing the benefits of continued activity in the aging process.
2. Contrast the benefits of recumbent trike vs. wheelchair or walkers options for transportation and mobility.
3. List current examples of people that have discovered the recumbent trike for “continuing the adventure”. People that have ridden across the country raised awareness and continue to break the old view of disabilities.
4. Analyze opportunities within government (recreation departments), hospitals, therapy departments, senior living communities, senior centers where the introduction and exploration of riding a recumbent trike may be valuable and beneficial for people to age-in-place and continue activities that enhance their lives.
5. Describe opportunities for providing the recumbent trike as a mobility/transportation option.

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