Presentation at the Pacific Union College Colloquium

Angwin, California April 22, 2015- April 23, 2015

Catherine Brubaker is a two-time traumatic brain injury survivor, shares her story of hope and recovery after surviving a criminal assault in 2010, which nearly cost her life. She learned to walk and talk again and received a pacemaker after her heart failed as a result of the lack of oxygen to her brain.
Shortly after, she was in a head-on collision, was hospitalized and had to relearn how to walk and talk and perform basic daily tasks yet another time.

She strives daily to reclaim her life, her independence and dignity and is committed to inspiring hope to other brain injury survivors as she actively reaches out to trauma survivors to reclaim their lives through recumbent trikes.

She is launching Hope For Trauma a foundation committed to encourage a national conversation about brain injury regardless of its cause and impact on survivors, their families and the invisible challenges faced. She believes that communicating the challenges she faced and continues to face in her recovery will create more understanding in our communities.

Prior to her brain injury, Catherine was an accomplished professional. She went to Pacific Union College in Napa, CA and graduated with a B.S. degree in Psychology in 1993. She returns to her alma mater to share her recovery experience with current psychology students learning about brain injury.

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