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2 thoughts on “Join The Conversation

  1. Thank you for accepting the challenge to lead Catherine Brubaker. The strength of our individual stories and collective voice just got stronger. I look forward to advancing the mission, increasing opportunities and strengthening the connections.

  2. Robert, not only do I accept this challenge, but I feel it is my responsibility to tell my story, giving a voice to the something larger than my own experience, but the collective experience of millions of people living with this invisible devastating disability.

    I look forward to collaborating with a network of survivors and organizations to partner and advocate a unified powerful grassroots message. If you’re interested in collaborating please contact me. The time is ripe with opportunity.

    ” It’s time to have a conversation about brain injury and the challenges faced by survivors, families and our communities, so that we can create a culture of understanding and better adapt to those needs.” – Catherine Brubaker

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