Hope Trike Recipients

Crystal had Arnold Chiari Malformation. Her cerebellum was identified as falling down 28.6 mm into her neck. This caused her to fall on a consistent basis. She began to drop things and increasingly lost coordination. She underwent two brain surgeries to correct the issue. She is on long term disability, can no longer drive and dependent on her spouse. She has severe balance issues and is homebound. She is still unstable and has severe balance issues today. Her physician has cleared her for a recumbent trike. A recumbent trike would give Crystal a sense of freedom and independence.

Hope For Trauma plans on riding with her along with Spokes Fighting Strokes to show her how to ride safely.

From Shut-In to Freedom

UPDATE!!!! April 20, 2015

Thanks to Florida Freewheeler generosity, and the community response from Crystals


We have now reached our goal!

Crystal is being fitted for a new trike! She is still raising funds for lights and extra items to fit on her new trike

Thank you to Sun Cyclery for helping us reach our goal!!! We couldn’t be more thrilled for her.

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