David Figurski

“Married to best friend, father and grandfather, honors student to university professor, runner, race car driver, and health nut, David had it all – until he didn’t. Thirteen chin-ups changed his life. Meet David Figurski”

After three brain surgeries, a new man emerged. David looked different. He sounded different. He was severely disabled. He couldn’t speak beyond guttural sounds. He couldn’t walk, dress, brush his teeth, feed himself, or take care of personal hygiene without assistance. But with patience and persistence and with years of healing, he moved on.

Now with his Catrike 700, he will take “another fork in the road,” as he continues to take back his life.

UPDATE: David purchased his Catrike 700 along with his wife Donna Donnell Figurski, they have challenged themselves to ride 5390 miles through the desert to beat Catherine and Dan’s 2014 Road to Margaritaville SpokesFightingStrokes.org tour 2014. The Challenge is on!!! David’s new road to freedom will be found in his journey, not at the end.

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  1. THE CHALLENGE IS ON! April 12, 2015 to ????

    We will ride (a combination of miles) through the desert to match Catherine (Cat) Brubaker’s and Dan Zimmerman’s 2014 “Road to Margaritaville – SpokesFightingStrokes.org Tour. It may take us years . . . and years . . . and years – okay, maybe NOT that long.
    See the updated mileage below.

    Updated miles for David Figurski and Donna O’Donnell Figurski

    cumulative mileage for David 616.2 mi
    cumulative mileage for Donna 79.9 mi
    combined miles for Donna and David 696.1 mi
    miles to reach 5390* miles 4693.9 mi

    *done by both Catherine Brubaker and Dan Zimmerman
    on their cross-country ride

    Check out my blog, SurvivingTraumaticBrainInjury.com, for more Trike Trek information and lots of information regarding Brain Injury.

    Donna O’Donnell Figurski

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