Drew Forsey

Brain Injury Survivor – survived a cycling accident. He is continuing to make progress with adaptive sports and researching recumbent trikes in order to trike again. He is part of a smaller mutual community. He followed my ride and sees recumbent cycling as a near future possibility to aid in his recovery.


UPDATE!  Drew Forsey has purchased his trike!!! His amazing spirit to survive speaks volumes to me as I watch his daily commitment to therapy rock wall climbing and now riding his very own trike.  GO DREW!

David Figurski

“Married to best friend, father and grandfather, honors student to university professor, runner, race car driver, and health nut, David had it all – until he didn’t. Thirteen chin-ups changed his life. Meet David Figurski”

After three brain surgeries, a new man emerged. David looked different. He sounded different. He was severely disabled. He couldn’t speak beyond guttural sounds. He couldn’t walk, dress, brush his teeth, feed himself, or take care of personal hygiene without assistance. But with patience and persistence and with years of healing, he moved on.

Now with his Catrike 700, he will take “another fork in the road,” as he continues to take back his life.

UPDATE: David purchased his Catrike 700 along with his wife Donna Donnell Figurski, they have challenged themselves to ride 5390 miles through the desert to beat Catherine and Dan’s 2014 Road to Margaritaville SpokesFightingStrokes.org tour 2014. The Challenge is on!!! David’s new road to freedom will be found in his journey, not at the end.

Follow David’s Progress Here

Follow Dave and his Trike here

Jack French

Hi Cat—- this is Jack French, who you might remember from Happy Trails.
Just want to let you know that your story of physical achievement has motivated me to join the bike group here at Happy Trails. With my wife’s insistence , I bought from Sun Cyclery, a new Terra Trike..the Rambler model.

It has been some years since I have done any biking, and at 85 , I decided not to go the two wheel route, and am very happy with the TerraTrike, and enjoying my small adventures “with-in the resort ” here in Happy Trails.

Thank you for your splendid story that resonates with super determination on your part . Keep on keeping on!
And as is often said within the aviation community…”KEEP THE SILVER SIDE UP”.
God Bless you and may your upcoming goal be reached ASAP…
Sincerely, Jack  French, Commander, USN (Ret),Naval Aviator.