WCBI Mississippi – Bikers Using Spokes To Fight Strokes



A couple who have survived illnesses over which they had no control are raising money and spreading a message of hope to others. He started out June 29th, showing others they can overcome a big medical term that boils down to HHT and translates into strokes.

Riding their special Catrike 700 bikes capable of traveling at speeds of up to 54 miles per hour are Dan Zimmerman and his partner Catherine Brubaker who are riding with a purpose,

“We ride for hope. Shut-ins or stroke survivors, or HHT,” said Dan Zimmerman/Stroke Survivor-DanTrikeMan.

“Or not having a sense of freedom. We want them to have a sense of riding a trike and the joy that we feel,” said Catherine Brubaker/Stroke Survivor.

For Dan Zimmerman, it is hereditary. His stroke is the result of a genetic condition known as HHT or Hereditary Hemorrhagic Telangiectasia. His brother died at age 19.

“Mother passed away to HHT stroke, my grandmother passed away from stroke caused by HHT,” said Zimmerman.

Zimmerman’s son also has the stroke producing disease. He met Brubaker after he started the 5000 mile ride from Washington to Key West, Florida, almost four months ago. She also had suffered a stroke that left her with brain injuries.

“My heart failed so I have a pace maker. I learned to walk and talk again. And then I was in a car accident. So I had to re-learn how to walk and talk again,” said Catherine Brubaker/Bile Rider. Teaming up to bring awareness while sharing their testimony of inner strength and endurance, they roll down the highway heading towards Florida.

“We have good communication about cars behind us and in front of us. And when he has a flat tire I help him change those because he has limitations with his right side,” said Catherine Brubaker. They are living proof that no limitations are too big to overcome.
They hope to reach Key West by November 29th. To find out to help Spokes Fighting Strokes go to www.spokesfightingstrokes.org.